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Richard Boughton,[1][2] more commonly known as Rich, later Rick, later still Dick, is Karrin Murphy's second ex-husband. He first appears in Blood Rites.


Rich is Karrin Murphy's second ex-husband and current brother-in-law.[3] He is an FBI agent currently stationed in Chicago.[4] He used to be stationed in New Orleans till he married Lisa Murphy.[3]

He does his job by the book, and does not like working with civilians. Karrin Murphy thinks he's an asshole.[5] He was partnered to Detective Greene on the SplatterCon!!! case.[4] He hates the nickname "Dick".[5]

He's currently married to Lisa Murphy, Karrin Murphy's younger sister, which he met when he arrested her at Mardi Gras[Footnote 1] in New Orleans. Marion Murphy likes him.[3]

In the series[]

Blood Rites[]

In Blood Rites, Karrin Murphy learns that Rich is engaged to be married to her little sister, Lisa Murphy, and she is not happy about it. Boughton is a cop in New Orleans and he is getting transferred to the Chicago FBI. Karrin's mother, Marion Murphy, always liked him.[3]

Proven Guilty[]

By Proven Guilty, he is called Rick. As an FBI agent, he is called in on the SplatterCon!!! case by Detective Greene. He is in the room when Detective Greene is illegally interrogating Molly Carpenter. Rick seems genuinely surprised when Harry Dresden states that Molly is a juvenile and Greene doesn't have parental permission.[4]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Harry Dresden suggests that Murphy ask Dick for help getting information regarding Dresden's murder case: access to TSA video records, security cameras and other things Murphy can't access any longer.[5]



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