The Reaper is a Phobophage. It first appears in Proven Guilty.


The Reaper is a Phobophage that took on the appearance of a horror movie monster and attacked a room full of people attending SplatterCon!!!.[1] It can't be slain and brings death to the wicked.[2] The Reaper is from the Suburban Slasher films,[1] injuring Rosanna Marcella[2] and Miss Becton.[3]

At SplatterCon!!!, the Reaper is seven feet tall, thick and muscled, he wore overalls and a ski mask and held a long, curved sickle in his right hand.[1]

At Arctis Tor, The Reaper in its true form had giant claws under the superimposed image of the Scythe.[4]

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Proven GuiltyEdit

Hearing screams, Harry Dresden and Henry Rawlins entered the darkened room where a horror film was being shown holding his amulet aloft for light. Dresden saw a big sickle-bearing man in a ski mask leaning over a woman. Rawlins shot him him and he threw the girl aside, hard. When the killer went for Rawlins, Dresden aimed a shot of Kinetic force with his staff, knocking him against the projector and the screen. The Reaper vanished leaving ectoplasmic slime behind.[1]

Several people were dead or badly injured. Among them was Molly Carpenter's friend, Rosanna Marcella who swore that it was really the Reaper and not a guy in costume. On the case was Detective Greene who questioned Harr Dresden over and over.[2] Later, Greene tried to railroad Molly Carpenter and ws stopped by Dresden with help from Lydia Stern.[5]

Later, Scarecrow, the Reaper, and Hammerhands attacked the Carpenter home and abducted Molly Carpenter taking her into the Nevernever.[6]

At Arctis Tor, the Reaper reappeared and fought with Thomas Raith. Thomas cut off its claws and sliced open it's belly with an "X"—green-white fire spilled out.[4]


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