Winter Court

Rawheads are creatures of the Winter Court. It first appears in Cold Days.

Description[edit | edit source]

Rawheads are creatures that assemble themselves out of discarded bones and flesh of slaughtered hogs and cattle. They eat what they can catch, generally starting with pets, progressing to schoolchildren and adult humans. They can be shot down early in their life cycle.[1]

Rawheads are huge, about twelve feet tall and larger that a couple of steers, weighing at least a ton,[2] with a shuffling gait, doubled over under a large grey cape. He had large strides, long arms spread out to either side on the floor. His hands had only three fingers, too thick and a couple of feet long—glistening in red. Under his hood, he had a flat, broad, skull-like head, also glistening in red. It's eyes were very wide and white with only tiny black dots. It was as though flesh and muscle were plastered onto a bone framework with no skin covering it—it dripped ichor.[1]

Rawheads are parasites[2] and were more common when every farm and village did some slaughtering everyday. They look like a bizarre collection of bones dripping fresh blood. Their skull come from some big animals such as rhinos and have brilliant lights in their empty eye sockets. They breathe weezily and roar.[2]

In the series[edit | edit source]

"Welcome to the Jungle"[edit | edit source]

In "Welcome to the Jungle", Karrin Murphy's call interrupts a fight Harry Dresden has against a Rawhead..[3]

Cold Days[edit | edit source]

In Cold Days, a rawhead acts as one of Redcap's backup thugs, along with a snow ogre at Mab's birthday party for Harry Dresden.[1]

On Demonreach, the Rawhead is part of Maeve's coterie while she is part of the ritual trying to defeat the Demonreach Entitiy. The Redcap had its hand on one shoulder, Rawhead on the other and eight other sidhe behind them acting as a power pyramid.[4] Dresden and Fix charge Maeve's coterie including the Rawhead. The subsequent battle include Mouse, Karrin Murphy and Thomas Raith.[5] After Mab's arrival, and the Faerie Ladies' death, Dresden orders Redcap and the Rawhead to release his friends and return what they took and leave without violence.[6]

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