Dresden Files

Psychomancy, sometimes mislabeled neuromancy, is the use of magic concerned with the mind.

The White Council's Third Law of Magic forbids most if not all uses of psychomancy.


Psychomancy deals with enthrallment, mind control, mind reading, personality altering, placing thoughts in the minds of others, manipulating memories, defending one's self against other psychomancy, and things like that.

In the series[]

Proven Guilty[]

In Proven Guilty, Molly Carpenter uses magic to force two of her friends, Rosanna Marcella and Nelson Lenhardt, to give up drugs. This ends up causing them severe psychic trauma.[1] In doing this, she unknowingly breaks the Third Law of Magic, which causes her to be tried as a warlock. She narrowly avoids a death sentence.[2]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, Molly Carpenter uses psychomancy to take a look into Anastasia Luccio's head to find out if anyone has tampered with her mind and is caught doing so by Morgan. Harry Dresden lectures her on it since it's against the Laws of Magic and they both face the Doom of Damocles if there is even the slightest nudge against the Laws. Not only that, but this type of magic is very damaging to her personally because she risks slipping further into becoming a warlock.[3]


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