Priscilla is the alias used by a male White Court vampire, the heir to House Skavis, masquerading as a female member of Ordo Lebes. He first appears in White Night.


Appearing older than the others, seemingly in her early fifties. Despite it being a warm summer day, she wore a thin turtleneck sweater and a cardigan. Her hair was a deep coppery red with streaks of steel grey, tied in a bun. She had muddy brown eyes and bushy eyebrows and wore silver-rimmed spectacles.[1]

In the seriesEdit

White NightEdit

In White Night, Priscilla insists on giving Harry Dresden a hard time when he goes to talk to the group about murders among practitioners. She accuses him of lying. And, she all but calls him the murderer since several of the victims had been seen with a tall man in a grey cloak.[1]

Later, she is even more rude and hostile to Dresden. Elaine Mallory and Anna Ash stand up to her.[2]

She nearly manages to kill Elaine by pulling the Skavis whammy of despair and driving her to suicide, when Dresden informs Elaine of what is going on, and she is able to fight through it, until she is killed by Elaine and Mouse.(reference needed) We never learn her real name.(reference needed)


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