Persephone[Footnote 1] is a daughter of Zeus and Demeter, a vegetation goddess[Footnote 2] and the queen of Underworld. She is married to Hades and is mentioned in Skin Game.


Persephone represents the cycle of vegetation, spending spring and summer on Earth and the winter months in the Underworld.[Footnote 1] Along with Demeter, is a central figure of the Eleusinian mysteries.[Footnote 3]

In the seriesEdit

Skin GameEdit

In Skin Game, Hades mentions that she married him of her own free will and that her mother Demeter failed to cope, prompting the story of the pomegranate seeds are a fiction to assuage Demeter about the situation. He also states that Hecate led Demeter around, so that Hades and Persephone could enjoy a honeymoon without Demeter's cumbersome presence.[1]


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