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Dresden's Pentacle Amulet

A pentacle[Footnote 1] is a symbol of order with five points and five sides contained within a circle, most often in the form of a pendant. It first appears in Small Favor.


According to Harry Dresden, a pentacle has a shape of a five-pointed star included in a circle. The star has also five sides representing the forces of air, earth, water, fire, and spirit. If the points touch the outer ring, it representing the forces of magic bound within human control; power balanced by restraint.[1] If the points are outside the circle, it is a symbol of disorder.[2] Harry Dresden wears one that he got from his mother Margaret LeFay.(reference needed)

In the series[]

Small Favor[]

In Small Favor, Karrin Murphy calls Harry Dresden to a crime scene in which a burning building had the whole front taken off. On the back wall of the building, Dresden finds a sigil painted in blood looking similar to a pentacle. Dresden explains to her what a pentacle is the difference with a pentagram. At this point, Dresden is uncertain what it means since a symbol can have numerous meanings, but he's working on it.[1]

Dresden shows Murphy that the points of the star on his pentacle touch the outer ring while the points of the star in the sigil they found on the wall go outside the circle; according to him, it's uncomfortably like a combination of a pentacle and an anarchy symbol - magic unrestrained.[1]

Blood Rites[]

Thomas Raith revealed his silver pentacle identical to Harry Dresden's when he showed him the portrait of their mother, Margaret LeFay[3]. Dresden later used his to locate his newfound brother, Thomas, when he was taken to the Deeps by Lord Raith.[4]


In Changes, the Leanansidhe passes on to Harry Dresden the small pentagon-shaped ruby that Margaret LeFay left for him, which contains her considerable knowledge of the Ways in Nevernever.[5] Dresden hurriedly attaches it to center of his pentacle pendant, also his mother's. He plans to use it to rescue Maggie from Arianna Ortega, the Red King and the Bloodline curse.[6]

Dresden finds the pentacle marker his mother left on a menhir as a Way marker.[7]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Mab returns the pentacle to Harry Dresden, repaired by a genuine jeweller.[8]



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