Dresden Files

The Outer Gates are the doors to Outside. Their opening is against the Seventh Law of Magic.



Battle at the Outer Gates by Tyler Walpole.

The Outer Gates are described as a large entrance to the universe. Set in a gigantic wall, between two towers each the size of the Chrysler building, they are powerfully warded, and constantly defended from Outsiders by the Gatekeeper and the immense army of the Winter Court.[1]

The Outer Gates need to be opened from the inside to let Outsiders in,[2] and only a mortal can do so;[3] an action forbidden by the White Council's Seventh Law of Magic.[3]

In the series[]

Dead Beat[]

In Dead Beat, someone has been calling up Outsiders in numbers to attack the White Council.[3]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Mother Summer takes Harry Dresden to the Outer Gates so that he could see what is at stake. Dresden sees the huge forces of Winter battle the Outsiders at the Outer Gates.[1] Dresden talks to Rashid, the Gatekeeper, while there.[4]


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