Dresden Files

The Order of the Silver Oak is an honor in the form of a silver leaf pin bestowed on those that the Summer Queen deems worthy by their demonstration of great courage.[1] It first appears in Small Favor.


During the Conclave of the White Council to determine Molly Carpenter's fate, Lily, the Summer Lady, pins an oak leaf made of silver, intricately detailed on Donald Morgan, for his defense of the Venatori and for his assault on the Red King.

Lily also pins a silver leaf on Harry Dresden for his attack on Arctis Tor, causing the Winter forces to retreat from the borders of Summer, thereby allowing Summer to aid the Council in defense of the Venatori. She names Dresden a friend and esquire to the Summer Court and is granted a boon. This second pinning stuns the attending council members, most especially the Merlin. Dresden really went to Arctis Tor to rescue Molly from a Fetch, but no one there is the wiser, Lily told what was true.[1]

In the series[]

Small Favor[]

In Small Favor, Fix, the Summer Knight reminds Harry Dresden of the leaf that Lily, the Summer Lady, gave him. That is all he could say, being under a compulsion of secrecy placed on him by his Queen, Titania of the Summer Court. Dresden, realizing this, puts two and two together and figures out that Silver Leaf has a tracking spell placed on it and that is how the gruffs, Summer Court enforcers, have been finding Dresden.[2] So, Dresden puts the leaf in a sack filled with catnip and hangs it over Little Chicago, Dresden's tracking model of the city. He put his own spell on it and lets Mister play with it for hours. That sends the gruffs all over he city, seeking Dresden in two and a half feet of snow, giving Dresden the freedom to work on his case.[3]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, Harry Dresden deduces that Morgan called in his favor that came with the Oak Leaf pin. Dresden grabs it and tosses it away in the Nevernever, realizing that the bounty hunters were using it to track them.[4]


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