Dresden Files

Olivia is a human practitioner and a member of Ordo Lebes. She appears in White Night.


Harry Dresden describes Olivia as young, maybe still in her teens, with smoke-colored skin of eastern India, brown eyes, straight, glossy black hair. She was dressed in lavender ballet leotard and cream colored tights on her long legs. She had the athletic build of a serious dancer.[1] Olivia is a dancer.[2]

In the series[]

In White Night, she sits next to Priscilla, before sitting suddenly up when her too-big-for-her-wrist men's watch started to beep, and announcing: "ten minutes". Harry Dresden and Karrin Murphy are promptly ushered out.[1]

She is mentioned again when Lasciel helps Dresden recall who all was there.[3]

Then, when Dresden goes to Elaine Mallory's (the group's hired PI-wizard bodyguard) hotel room to check on the Ordo Lebes women hunkering down there, everyone appears to be in grief — Olivia is missing. And, there are photos of her with Thomas Raith, Dresden's brother. Dresden leaves Mouse with the group while he and Elaine go to find Thomas.[4]

A tracking spell leads to Thomas's boat. There they find Olivia and several other women and children. Thomas was taking them to a safe house on an island out on the lake.[2] Ghouls attack Thomas's boat, the Water Beetle. Dresden, Elaine and Thomas fight to save Olivia and the women, some of them . Dresden does a spell which freezes part of the lake allowing Olivia, the women, children, Thomas and Elaine escape on foot across the ice.


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