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The Northwest Passage Project was a environmentalist project headed by Harley MacFinn. It's first mentioned in Fool Moon


The goal of the Project was to create a huge North American wildlife preserve beginning in the central Rocky Mountains of the American Southwest,[Footnote 1] and going northwest into Canada. To this purpose, the project bought land off private owners, with the intent of donating them to the state, provided the government in turn guaranteed that the land would be used as part of the Northwest Passage Project. The project had been working for several years, and had considerable support from environmentalist groups and also in the capital.[1]

In the series[]

Fool Moon[]

In Fool Moon, Marcone gives a tip to Harry Dresden to look the Northwest Passage Project and Harley MacFinn up.[2] Dresden consults Chaunzaggoroth for information on MacFinn and the Project.[1]


According to MacFinnKim Delaney was indirectly helping him with the project. That is how Harley came to know Kim. He was backing the project in part to have a safe place to run without hurting anyone.[3]



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