A West Norman suburb

Norman, Oklahoma[Footnote 1] is the seat of the University of Oklahoma.[Footnote 2] It appears in the novelette Bigfoot on Campus.


Norman is estimated to be the third-largst city of Oklahoma, and serves as the county seat of Cleveland County.[Footnote 1]

The city was settled during the Land Run of 1889, which opened the former Unassigned Lands of Indian Territory to American pioneer settlement. The city was named in honor of Abner Norman, the area's initial land surveyor, and was formally incorporated on May 13, 1891. The city has prominent higher education and related research industries, as it is the home to the University of Oklahoma.[Footnote 2] The university is well known for its sporting events by teams under the banner of the nickname "Sooners". The university is home to several museums, including the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, which the largest collection of French Impressionist art ever given to an American university, and the Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.[Footnote 1]

In the seriesEdit

Bigfoot on CampusEdit

In Bigfoot on Campus, Irwin Pounder getting involved with Connie Barrowill, a newly awakened White Court vampire, results in widespread destruction in the Univerity's campus.[1]


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