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Nicholas, or Nick, Christian is a human private investigator and owner of Ragged Angel Investigations. He first appears in the short story "Restoration of Faith".


Nicholas Christian's main job is to find lost children, but also takes divorce cases to pay the bills.[1]

Harry Dresden worked for him for three years, gaining his license as a private investigator, which allowed him to start his own business.[2]

Christian is short, out-of-shape, over fifty, has dark eyes, sharp and quick, and a large bald spot. He has a pot belly and dressed in an undershirt, and boxer shorts.[1]

In the series[]

"Restoration of Faith"[]

In "Restoration of Faith", Nicholas Christian and Harry Dresden have been hired to locate Faith Astor, a little girl whose parents claimed she had been abducted. The child turned out to have run away from home and the Astors informed the police that Christian and Dresden were the kidnappers to protect the family's reputation. They got her back without going to jail and the judge threw out the case. It cost Christian about two thousand dollars.[1]

Death Masks[]

In Death Masks, Harry Dresden states he had a lot of  different jobs when he first came to Chicago, until he hooked up with Nicholas Christian at Ragged Angel Investigations. One of his jobs was dancing with seniors.[3]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, Vincent Graver knows Harry Dresden used to work for him.[4]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, Harry Dresden's ghost took Fitz to Ragged Angel Investigations to get information to find Mortimer Lindquist. He doesn't trust Fitz, but Fitz told him enough to prove Dresden sent him. Mollified, Christian informed Fitz about a group that the gangs call the Big Hoods because they all wear hoodies with hoods up all the time, they can be found under the Eisenhower Expressway.[1]


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