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Natalia Raith is a White Court vampire, sister to Lara Raith and Elisa Raith and lives on the Raith estate. She first appears in Turn Coat.

Description[edit | edit source]

Natalia Raith is described by Harry Dresden as taller and more masculine than her sister Elisa Raith. She wore a man's shirt with only one button closed. Her hair was long and messy from having just gotten up out of bed with the Naagloshii attack. She carried an exotic looking axe with the edge having an unusual concave shape.—Judging by their apparel, or lack of, this attack happened in the middle of the vampire-night.[1]

In the series[edit | edit source]

Turn Coat[edit | edit source]

When the Naagloshii, who has abducted Thomas Raith, invades the Raith estate killing people, Justine reports to Lara Raith that Elisa and Natalia as well as Madeline Raith are in the house.[2]

The three sisters—Elisa, Natalia and Lara—started to prowl simultaneously sans any signal. The Naagloshii shape-shifted into a fallen security guard to get past the sisters and at Harry Dresden. Dresden warns Lara and she fights the Skinwalker. The Naagloshii turned the corner dragging Natalia's limp form. As the Naagloshii talks to Lara, he eats her fingers one at a time.[1]

After the medic in charge gave his report on the status of three human guards: Hennesy, Calo, Wilson, injured by Shagnasty, Lara Raith orders Hennesy brought to Natalia's chamber and Calo brought to Elisa. Both of the men had their backs broken permanently. Lara will come for Wilson later who lost both of his eyes.[3]

Later, Natalia and Elisa join Lara Raith and Harry Dresden on the island of Demonreach to fight their traitor Madeline Raith and the Naagloshii and to get Thomas Raith, their brother, back.[4]

References[edit | edit source]

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