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Mrs. Spunkelcrief is Harry Dresden's landlady. She first appears in Small Favor.


Mrs. Spunkelcrief is half deaf, and she lives on the first floor above Harry Dresden's apartment. Her other tenants, the Willoughbys, live on the second floor.[1]

Her husband, Mr. Spunkelcrief, is deceased; he used to prune the lilacs in the back.[2]

Dresden describes Mrs. Spunkelcrief as a fantastic landlady. She rarely left her home, and she generally didn't poke her nose into his business as long as the rent check came on time, and it usually did. Her bedtime is just after sundown, so she didn't hear the zombie attack since it happened after nightfall.[2]

In the series[]

Small Favor[]

In Small Favor, Harry Dresden shovels the snow because it's worthwhile to him to make his neighbors feel safer and happier. And in small part to make it up to his landlady, for the weird stuff that happens and to stay on her good side.[1]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, Harry Dresden is concerned about what she'll think about his bullet-dented steel door.[3]


In Changes, she is waiting on the steps for Harry Dresden, asks him what happened to his door, but does not hear the answer correctly. She presses Dresden to fix the door, as the lease is quite clear. He promises to and she answers she thought he would. Mouse goes up to her and offers her his paw, she shakes it, then says: "You can tell a lot about a man from the way he treats his dog." She gives him a letter left by his door, from Anastasia Luccio and Chandler. Molly Carpenter helps her up the stairs.[4]

Later, the apartment is attacked and set on fire by the Eebs. Dresden breaks through the ceiling to rescue her. She is very hard of hearing and mistakenly thought Dresden was on drugs, and was breaking into her apartment to do her harm, pulling a little gun on him. While reaching for the phone, she sees the fire and sets down the gun. They escape out the back door. The entire front of the house is on fire, including the stairs to the Willoughbys' second floor apartment. While attempting to save the Willoughbys with a ladder and an injured leg, Dresden falls and breaks his back. Mrs. Spunkelcrief tries to climb the ladder, but fails due to her bad hip. Sanya appears and saves the Willoughbys and helps Dresden. The entire house is destroyed.[5]


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