Mother Winter and Mother Summer's cottage is a small, simple medieval-looking cottage. It first appears in Summer Knight.(reference needed)

Description[edit | edit source]

The cottage's is made of wood, leather, clay, all by hand, with wavery and translucent glass in the windows. Neat and tidy, except for a large, ugly, raw-looking rocking chair in a corner.[1]

In the series[edit | edit source]

Summer Knight[edit | edit source]

In Summer Knight,

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Cold Days[edit | edit source]

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden knocks the content of a shelf on the floor, consisting in a number of clay pots. Replacing them on the shelf, he discovers that they contain various diseases that have been epidemic during human history: typhus, malaria, smallpox and many others. Dresden notices that one is cracked and that it contains wormwood, about which Mother Summer states that it is not yet the time for it to be born.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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