Dresden Files
Winter Court

Mother Winter is a faerie of the Winter Court. She first appears in Summer Knight.


Mother Winter, occasionally known as Athropos[Footnote 1][1] or Skuld,[Footnote 2][1] but also Granny Cleaver, is the Queen that Was. She is described as having withered lips peeled back from iron teeth.[1]

Provided with Intellectus,[2] she is one of the most powerful Fae.[3] She is inactive in Summer.[4] Mother Summer hints that they share the same name in their most powerful mask.[5]

She is the original Mother Winter; the current Mother Summer is the second to hold the position "in recorded human history".[6]

In the series[]

Summer Knight[]

In Summer Knight, she gave Harry threads of Unraveling to undo Aurora's spell on Lily.[7]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, when Harry Dresden summons her to learn about the exact relationship between Mab and Maeve, she feels insulted and attacks him with a cleaver, which prompts Dresden to refer to her as Granny Cleaver. According to Mother Summer, she reacted this way because she lost her walking stick and finds it painful to move without it.[1]