Dresden Files

Monsters is a short story in The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. Its chronological placement is not known, and it is included in the anthology Parallel Worlds.


John Marcone hires Goodman Grey for a cleaning job: a rival concern which Marcone cannot confront directly has opened a brothel offering preteens to clients interested in sex with children. This breaks Marcone's only unbreakable rule - do not harm children. Grey's secretary/driver/hitwoman Viti does not like Marcone, but he accepts payment of a dollar, toward Rent.

The job is simple and swift: Grey and Viti dispose of the brothel's security guards and rescue the six children already there, which they plan to entrust to Harry Dresden for help. Grey reports to Marcone the operation's complete success. He also sends him the pictures of six clients of the brothel who worked for Marcone, now dead. When Marcone objected to Grey taking care of the problem because it was Marcone's responsibility, Grey advised Marcone to have a better grip on the latters' liabilities.