Monoc Securities is a company specialized in providing security services.


It is located in Oslo.[Footnote 1][1] Donar Vadderung is its CEO and Ms. Gard is among its employees.(reference needed)Harry Dresden enters to a dank basement filled with two dozen armed guards and recognizes three from somewhere at the battle of the Deeps. He goes up an elevator with walls he can see through. The first several floors are filled with armories containing weapons from every century. One floor has a huge gym, another has an expense legal office, another is mostly white and antiseptic smelling with way too much light, another is lit by candles and filled with chanting voices, another is a chemical laboratory, yet another filled with cells containing shadowy shapes. Dresden describes it as being like a demented theme park. Gard replies that it's not meant to entertain.[2]

In the seriesEdit

White NightEdit

In White Night,

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In Changes, Gard takes Harry Dresden at the request of Donar Vadderung, after Dresden asks Marcone for information to help him find a girl taken to Mexico by the Reds possibly to be used in a ritual sacrifice.[3] Donar tells Dresden that the Red King and Arianna Ortega will have Dresden's daughter at Chichén Itzá and plan to use her in a ritual Bloodline curse that will kill all in her family.[2]

Basic etymologyEdit

Mon being part of mono, meaning one. Oc being part of ocular, in reference to sight or eye. Thus we can conclude that Monoc stands for One Eye. Something to be considered with the identity of the CEO.

Their logo is a thick round circle, bisected by a straight vertical line emerging from either side of the circle. Harry Dresden speculated about it resembling an eye cut from it's socket, or overlaid Greek lettering, omega, and iota on top of each other, meaning the final detail or the last detail. He speculated that it could be a combination, the blind eye that sees all.

Both the "One Eye" meaning for Monoc, and the eye missing from it's socket that sees all are clearly references to Odin, head of the Norse Gods.


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