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Molly Carpenter's apartment is where Molly Carpenter lives starting in Cold Days.


The apartment was enormous, packed with magical defenses and very expensive-looking furniture and rugs, built for Molly Carpenter by the svartalves, and she states she bought it with honor.[1] The apartment is under the aegis of Svartalfheim making it secure from anything below a full frontal major assault.[2]

In the series[]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Molly Carpenter takes Harry Dresden and Toot-Toot to her place and allows Dresden to stay in her spare guest room.[1] Karrin Murphy and Thomas Raith take him there after he's severely beaten and attacked by Captain Hook and the Redcap.[3]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, it is revealed that Molly Carpenter's apartment is located in the Svartalf embassy. Harry Dresden and his daughter Maggie have moved into the apartment,[4] and when an assault on the embassy itself is perpetrated by Thomas Raith, Svartalf security repeatedly attempt to force their way inside. According to Lady Evanna, this was done so that Maggie and Hope Carpenter could be secured and escorted out of the building via escape tunnel, for their own safety.[5]

"Everything the Light Touches"[]

In "Everything the Light Touches", the apartment sees a rare moment of quiet in Dresden's life, with Mister making the rounds to check on the other occupants of the home.[6]


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