Molly Carpenter's apartment is where Molly Carpenter lives starting in Cold Days.


The apartment was enormous, packed with magical defenses and very expensive-looking furniture and rugs, built for Molly Carpenter by the svartalves, and she states she bought it with honor.[1] The apartment is under the aegis of Svartalfheim making it secure from anything below a full frontal major assault.[2]

In the seriesEdit

Cold DaysEdit

In Cold Days, Molly Carpenter takes Harry Dresden and Toot-Toot to her place and allows Dresden to stay in her spare guest room.[1] Karrin Murphy and Thomas Raith take him there after he's severely beaten and attacked by Captain Hook and the Redcap.[3]

Peace TalksEdit

In Peace Talks, Carpenter's apartment is located in the Svartalf embassy.[4]


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