Margaret Katherine Amanda Carpenter,[1] generally called Molly, and on occasion Molls, is the daughter of Michael and Charity Carpenter. She is a human witch and first appears in Death Masks. At the end of Cold Days, she assumes the Mantle of Winter Lady.


Molly Carpenter is a young witch, with the looks of a swedish exchange student. and blond hair, when it is not dyed otherwise.[2] She has a gift for the finer side of magic, and enjoys a close relationship with her family, the Carpenters, and her mentor, Harry Dresden.[3][2]

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Molly Carpenter's story progresses from a stubborn and rebellious teenage, impatient with her parents strictures,(reference needed) to apprentice of Harry Dresden,[4] rough-living homeless young woman,[5][6] and, finally, the newest Winter Lady.[7]


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