Dresden Files

This is a list of minor locations in the Dresden Files.

5550 North Greenwood[]

In "Wild Card", 5550 North Greenwood is the home address of two unnamed young women, located in an apparently fairly prosperous area of Chicago, inasmuch as its streets are kept clean and in good repair. It is however fairly empty of people, though this might be due to the hour of the night. Its residents barely manage to come home and call the police before they're killed by a rogue wyldfae.[1]

Arctis Minora[]

In Cold Days, Mab mentions Arctis Minora as the Winter location where Maeve is to return, to await her mother's pleasure. It is unclear whether it is a city or a palace.[2]

The Brewery[]

In "Bigfoot on Campus", the Brewery is Irwin Pounder's favorite eatery in Norman, in which he shares a meal with Harry Dresden and Connie Barrowill.[3]


In "War Cry", Babylon is shown to be destroyed by a shoggoth feeding on its inhabitants. King Hammurabi can only watch in horror.[4]

Boone Mill[]

In "Ghoul Goblin", Boone Mill, MO, is the small town residence of the Talbot family. A series of deaths target the family, ugly enough to prompt Prescott Tremaine to call in Harry Dresden for help. A goblin partly responsible for them is discovered during the eldest siblings' funeral in St. Anne's graveyard.[5]

Burnham Park[]

Field fg01

Burnham Park and the Field Museum of Natural History

In Fool Moon, three bums were found murdered in Burnham Park, and ascribed to the Lobo killings.[6]

Buttercup Park[]

Buttercup Park, Chicago

Buttercup Park

In Aftermath, Karrin Murphy sets up a meeting with the prospective buyer of Billy and Marci in Buttercup Park.[Footnote 1] [7]

Cabrini Green housing complex[]

Cabrini Green Housing Project

Cabrini Green Housing Project

In White Night, the Cabrini Green housing complex is located near Thomas Raith's apartment.[8]



Panorama from the Citadel

In "Ghoul Goblin", the café Major Talbot crashes into is located in Cairo.[5]

Cairo café[]

In "Ghoul Goblin", this café witnesses Major Talbot crashing the line and chasing three supernatural creatures from their table. It results in his family being cursed.[5]

Camp Kaboom[]

In White Night, Camp Kaboom is a training ground located in an old boomtown in New Mexico used to train young potential wardens in evocation. Lessons are attended by "40-odd" kids.[9]

A ghoul attack results in the abduction and death of two trainees (16-year-olds Tina and Terry Trailman).[9] During the interrogation of some of the ghouls, Dresden shows unparalleled command of ancient Sumerian, when the wizard has difficulties with Latin, makes for some uncomfortable questions from Ramirez.[10] Dresden's hate for ghouls has deepened immensely since the incident.[11]

Capristi Building[]


The Capristi building across the street from Lincoln Park, where John Marcone's bank is located.

In Skin Game, the Capristi Building is located on the north side of Chicago and is owned by John Marcone. It includes the Verity Trust Bank of Chicago, also owned by Marcone, a mob bank where numerous supernatural powers keep a portion of their wealth, and the Way to the Underworld and Hades' Vault can be opened.[12][13]

Carbide & Carbon Building[]

Carbide & Carbon Building, Chicago in May 2016

Carbide & Carbon Building

In Skin Game, the Carbide & Carbon Building hosts the meeting between Harry Dresden and Nicodemus Archleone where Dresden learns he is to help Nicodemus in robbing Hades' Vault.[14]

Chicago Botanic Garden[]

CBG sign

Chicago Botanic Garden sign off the Edens Expressway

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden sets up here his meeting with the Summer Lady.[15]

Congo hospital[]

In "War Cry", 143 wizards wounded in the Battle of Palermo and relocated in this hospital are killed in a gas attack.[4]

Damen Silos[]


Damen Silos

In "Wild Card", Karrin Murphy remembers her father bringing her to the Damen Silos to skip stones. Though she doesn't like the place, he finds it peaceful and can connect with the place's past and his family's future. She later has Puck chasing her to the Silos to have an uninterrupted fight with him. The fight is brief and brutal, and Murphy hits him with steel-jacketed ammo before falling, allowing the CPD to arrive on time.[1]

Dodge City[]

027a Dodge City

Dodge City

In "A Fistful of Warlocks", Dodge City, Kansas, hosts the showdown between Anastasia Luccio and her companions, and three Thule Society members.[16]

"Down Town" laundromat[]

In "Down Town", this laundromat witnesses the killing of its owner by a Golem.[17]

Elbow Room[]

In "Ghoul Goblin", the Elbow Room is a drinking place in Unalaska. A dangerous place due to the high number of drunken brawls; Molly Carpenter and Carlos Ramirez use it as a starting ploint for their check on the Holy Ascension of Our Lord activities.[18]


1024px-Fountain Square Evanston

Evanston, Chicago

In Dead Beat, Evanston is the end of Dresden's and Butters' ride on a reanimated Sue.[19] It is also the location of Kendall College and the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian.[20]

Forensic Institute[]

Cook County morgue

Cook Count morgue

In Death Masks, the Forensic Institute is Waldo Butters' workplace; Harry Dresden meets him there for the first time.[21]

Gold Coast bistro[]

In "Monsters", John Marcone is having breakfast here, when Goodman Grey reports successful completion of his mission.[22]

Goodman Grey's office[]

In "Monsters", Grey's office is an otherwise nondescript place, where he is hired by John Marcone for a cleaning job, and the children freed from Wrigleyville brothel spend a night after their rescue.[22]

Griswald's home[]

In "Ghoul Goblin", Griswald's home is in contrast with Harry Dresden's expectations, as it is extremely tidy and with an interesting choice of books.[5]

Hog Hollow[]

Hog Hollow, MO

In Summer Knight, Harry Dresden mentions Hog Hollow as the location of the farm where Ebenezar McCoy supervises the latter part of his education. The farm belonged to McCoy for at least a couple of centuries.[23]

Holy Ascension of Our Lord Cathedral[]

In "Cold Case", this cathedral is located in Unalaska, Alaska, and is the congregation place of the Holy Ascension of Our Lord cult. It witnesses the attempted sacrifice of a number of Miksani children to awaken the Sleeper, an Old One descended on Earth millions of years previously and weakened when its followers lost faith in it.[18]

Hotel Sax[]

Hotel Sax outside

Hotel Sax and Marina City

In Turn Coat, The Hotel Sax, or Sax Hotel, is a hotel in downtown Chicago, where Binder and Madeline Raith meet under the careful eavesdrop of Harry Dresden.[24]

Illinois Beach State Park[]

Illinois Beach State Park

Illinois Beach State Park

In Peace Talks, Harry Dresden drives to Illinois Beach State Park[25] in search of isolation and quiet.[26]

Kendall College and Mitchell Museum of the American Indian[]


Kendall college

Mitchell Museum American Indian

Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

In Dead Beat, Waldo Butters mentions Kendall College as the location of the Mitchell Museum of the American Indian, which contains more Indian artifacts than the Field Museum of Natural History.[20]

Lake Meadow Park[]


Lake Meadow Park

In Summer Knight, Harry Dresden investigates Lake Meadow Park[Footnote 2] an unusual rain of toads before being met by William Borden. Two teen gunners and a ghoul attack them, but are rapidly defeated.[27]

Lake Providence[]

In Storm Front, Lake Providence is an expensive high-class community[28] located in Michigan, just over the state line. Monica Sells states that it is very beautiful in the fall and that her husband's lake house is located there.[29]

Lake Shore Drive[]


Lake Shore Drive

In Dead Beat, Harry Dresden and Waldo Butters ride a reanimated Sue on the Lake Shore Drive from the Field Museum of Natural History up to Evanston.[19]

Left Hand Goods[]

In "Last Call", Left Hand Goods is a shop owned by Burt Decker selling often valueless products to unsuspecting non-magical people dabbling in dark magic.[30]

Lincoln Park Zoo[]

Lincoln Park Zoo-entrance

Lincoln Park zoo entrance

In "Welcome to the Jungle", Maurice Sandbourne is killed at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the homicide has been attributed to the gorilla Moe.[31]

Lincolnshire Marriott Resort Hotel[]


Lincolnshire Marriott Resort Hotel

In "Something Borrowed", the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort Hotel is the location of Georgia and Billy Borden's wedding.[32]

Llyn y Fan Fach Tavern[]

In "Curses", the Llyn y Fan Fach Tavern is a pub with white-washed walls and heavy dark-stained timbers, managed by the Tylwyth Teg. Harry Dresden patronizes it to contact their king, Gwynn ap Nudd.[33]

Logan Square[]

Logan Square Chicago

Logan Square, Chicago

In Skin Game, Harvey Morrison keeps an office in Logan Square.[34]

Long Branch Saloon[]

In "A Fistful of Warlocks", the Long Branch Saloon is where the showdown between Anastasia Luccio's small team and three Thule Society members happens, specifically on its roof.[16]

Loon Island Pub[]

In "Heorot", the Loon Island Pub, a bigger than average pub, hosts the Night of the Living Brews.[35]


Joliet Illinois Skyline

Joliet, Illinois

In Turn Coat, Vincent Graver is mentioned as having joined the Joliet Police Department.[36]

Joseph Talbot's mansion[]

In "Ghoul Goblin", this mansion is located in Boone Mill, and is Joseph Talbot's personal property. Extremely difficult to reach, it has been built in a five-point star form, and is located at the center of a perfectly round iron fence, decorated with every magically defensive sign Talbot could find, including dreamcatchers and New Age symbols.[5]

Talbot intended for his family to live at the mansion, in an attempt to protect them from the family curse; but all refused to do so. Unknown to Talbot, his attempt at mystically protecting the mansion would not have been successful due to his lacking the magical ability necessary to create true wards.

However, Harry Dresden was able to use the fence as a circle of power to create a huge magical barrier in an attempt to defend the family against the goblin and ghoul attacking them due to the curse.

Madison Academy[]

In "B is for Bigfoot", Madison Academy is the middle school Irwin Pounder attends and is subject to harassement by the Bully Brothers.[37]

Mad Mike's Motorcycle and Volkswagen Repair[]

In "Mike", Mad Mike's Motorcycle and Volkswagen Repair is Mike Atagi's garage and workshop. It is best described as grimy, but it is provided with an office, a working toilet, and enough tools and materials to allow Mike Atagi to rebuild the Blue Beetle from scratch.[38]

Harry Dresden brings the Blue Beetle at the repair shop after its scuffle with a giant owl. Mike Atagi behaves unsurprised by the state of the car, and accepts to repair it.[38]

Marriott Downtown Chicago Hotel[]


caption = Marriott Downtown Chicago Magnificent Mile Hotel

Harry Dresden
Wow. So lots of art and money moving around, changing hands, being shipped hither and yon.
Susan Rodriguez
Hither maybe, but I don’t think UPS does yon.
— On the Marriott hosting the Chicago Historical & Art Society[39]

In Death Masks, the Marriott Downtown Chicago Magnificent Mile Hotel hosts an art gala sponsored by the Chicago Historical & Art Society,[39] during which John Marcone bought the Shroud of Turin from Anna Valmont.[40] The transaction itself was disturbed by Harry Dresden and Susan Rodriguez, as well as an attack by the Order of the Blackened Denarius led by Nicodemus Archleone.[41]

Susan Rodriguez and Harry Dresden attend the fundraiser to track down Anna Valmont and the Shroud of Turin before she sells it to John Marcone. They run into Marcone and Hendricks and are introduced to his new security advisor, Ms. Gard. Marcone tells them to leave and call in the gala security. Martin creates a diversion to enable Rodriguez and Dresden to go deeper into the hotel so Dresden can use a tracking spell to locate where Anna is. Dresden finds her, interrupts the transaction.[40] The Denarians, Deirdre Archleone and "Snakeboy" Quintus Cassius led by Nicodemus Archleone, come after the Shroud. After an altercation, in which swirling marks appear on Rodriguez and is identified as "Fellowship", Archleone takes the shroud and abducts Dresden. Rodriguez, Valmont and Martin escape.[40]

Martineaux's home[]

In "Dog Men", the Martineaux's home is an out-of-town, wooden house. Four people are attacked in it and disappeared; Mary Martineaux sees a huge creature leave it.[42]

Michigan Avenue[]

Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue

In Skin Game, Harry Dresden mentions riding Sue on Michigan Avenue when he confronts the Corpsetaker and his Zombies.[43]

Millennium Park[]

Chicago above millennium park

Millennium Park

In Backup, Thomas Raith follows his brother and the Stygian into Millennium Park.[11] The park is also the last stage of the Battle of Chicago, where the Battle of the Bean took place.[44]


In War Cry, Montezuma, IA, witnesses the siege of a group of Venatori by Red Court vampires trying to take possession of a shoggoth the Venatori are guarding.[4]

Montezuma abandoned quarry[]

In "War Cry", the abandoned quarry outside Montezuma is where Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith lure the shoggoth hidden there, and destroy it by exploding a number of gas canisters on it.[4]

Montrose Beach[]

Montrose Beach, Chicago

Montrose Beach, Chicago

In Peace Talks, Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith discuss Justine's pregnancy in a running session on Montrose Beach.[4]

Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary[]


Montrose Point Sanctuary aerial view

In Cold Days, the Sanctuary[Footnote 3] attracts both migrating birds during their flight and people in search of illicit recreation, making it ideal for evocation, something that Harry Dresden exploits in summoning Titania there.[45]

Mortimer Lindquist's home[]

In Grave Peril, Mortimer Lindquist wanted his home to have a Gothic feel. Due to budgetary constraints, it quite misses the mark, though, under the right conditions, it might give some chills to the right minded people. Without a threshold, the front room has the same feel of the exterior, and its décor is not much better.

Harry Dresden pays him a visit there, scaring him out of his wits.[46]


East main street north side of street looking east

East Main Street north side of street looking east

In "Bigfoot on Campus", Irwin Pounder attends University of Oklahoma in Norman, all the while getting involved with Connie Barrowill, a newly awakened White Court vampire.[3]

In "Job Placement", Irwin Pounder is still at the University of Oklahoma, studying for his Ph.D., when he proposes to Connie.[47]


Montage of Palermo

A number of views of Palermo, Sicily

In "War Cry", Palermo sees a pitched battle of the Red Court and the Outsiders against the White Council, resulting in a huge number of casualties by the White Council.[4]

Park Tower[]

Park Tower Chicago

Park Tower

In White Night, Thomas Raith's Coiffure Cup shop is located in the Tower.[48]


In "AAAA Wizardry", Harry Dresden visits Peculiar to help Megan Yardly and her family with a boggart problem.[49]

Peninsula Hotel[]


Peninsula Hotel

In Skin Game, the Peninsula Hotel is one of the ritzier hotels in Chicago - its grand ballroom can be measured in hectares and events rarely start before eight. A posse of Fomor disguised as caterers attack Harry Dresden and Hannah Ascher when they arrive there to recruit Anna Valmont.[50]

Rainbow Beach[]

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach

In Fool Moon Rainbow Beach[Footnote 4] witnesses the first of the Lobo killings.[51]

Realm of Shadows[]

In White Night, the Realm of the Shadows is quoted as the region of Nevernever at the end of a way opening in a deep cave above Camp Kaboom.[10]

Richard J. Daley Center[]

Daley Plaza 060716

Richard J. Daley Center

In "Jury Duty", Harry Dresden is summoned at the Center to serve as juror in Hamilton Luther's process.[52]

Rocky Mountains[]

Moraine Lake 17092005

Moraine Lake in the Rocky Mountains

In Fool Moon, the Rocky Mountains are the projected start of the Northwest Passage Project.[53]

St. Anne's graveyard[]

In "Ghoul Goblin", St. Anne's graveyard is the only graveyard in Boone Mill, MO, and is located about a mile south of town as the crow flies; Harry Dresden starts here his search for the attacker of the Talbot family.[5]

St. Anthony's Hospital[]

1053 St Anthonys web

St. Anthony's hospital

In "Day One", St. Anthony's Hospital[Footnote 5] is where Waldo Butters fights Dr. Miyamune, the baku.[54]

St. Mark's Academy for the Gifted and Talented[]

In "I Was a Teenage Bigfoot", St. Mark's Academy for the Gifted and Talented is the high school Irwin Pounder attends, located in the suburbs north of Chicago. The director, Dr. Fabio, attempts to drain Irwin's life force to promote the regrowth of his own hair, the loss of which he intensely dislikes.[55]

The school is run by the Venatori Umbrorum and is neutral territory, with an application to the status under the Unseelie Accords.[56]

In "Job Placement", Connie Barrowill has been hired as gym teacher at the school, and Irwin Pounder is set to be hired as an English teacher.[56]

Sam Fogle's pawnshop[]

In "Down Town", Fogle's pawnshop witnesses the murder of his owner by a golem.[17]

Schaumburg and Woodfield Mall[]

Woodfield area - Schaumburg

Woodfield Mall area in Schaumburg

10353093 861115207277954 3901870883738079421 n

Woodfield Mall

In "It's My Birthday, Too", Thomas Raith indicates he is at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg when his brother and Molly Carpenter try to give him a birthday present.[57]


In "It's My Birthday, Too", Shoegasm is a shoe shop accomodating a family of cobbs.[57]

Shoggoth's hideout[]

In "War Cry", a shoggoth is hidden in a lone house outside Montezuma. Apparently oriented with the cardinal points, it sustains a siege from Red Court vampires, intent to gain control of the monster.[4]

Silver Bullet Diner[]

In "Ghoul Goblin", the Silver Bullet Diner is Boone Mill's local greasy spoon and congregation point for the town's youth.[5]

Sullivan Meat Company[]

In Skin Game, the Sullivan Meat Company is an old slaugherhouse which survived the renovation of Chicago's stockyard district. An abandoned wreck of a slaughterhouse, it is a sagging and dirty two-storied building possibly antedating World War II and gives off waves of negative energy, repelling visitors and cars.

It serves as the location for the planning and organization of the burglary of Hades' Vault. Neither Harry Dresden nor Karrin Murphy like it.[58]

Svartalf embassy[]

The Svartalf embassy is the embassy that the Svartalves maintain in Chicago to liaise with the local supernatural community.

In Bombshells, Molly Carpenter, Justine and Andi Macklin thwarts a plot by the Fomors to discredit the Svartalves and destroy their embassy. Carpenter is rewarded by getting an apartment in it.[59]

In Peace Talks, Ebenezar McCoy crashes the embassy to visit his grandson and is escorted out as he fails to adhere to the Laws of hospitality.[60]


In "Dog Men", Taylor, Mississippi, has to deal with the simultaneous presence of a LaChaise clan of ghouls and a pack of wolf men.[42]

Taylor church[]

In "Dog Men", the church is the location of the last fight between Harry Dresden and Taylor's residents against the ghouls infesting the town.[42]

Taylor graveyard[]

In "Dog Men", the graveyard is a congregation point for Taylor's ghouls; it is big enough to hold at least a few tens, if not to more than a hundreds, of them; they use it to ambush Harry Dresden and agent Gentle.[42]

Taylor hospital[]

In "Dog Men", the hospital sees a showdown between agents Lytle and Biggs and Harry Dresden when Joseph Listens-to-Wind is brought there for some serious R&R after he's injured. Bo Gentle, however, manages to restrain the two agents and starts redirecting their aggression to something else.[42]

Taylor morgue[]

In "Dog Men", the morgue is the hideout of Remy LaChaise, unknown even to his coworkers.[42]

Taylor pub[]

In "Dog Men", the pub is the local watering hole for both locals, tourists, and, according to its barmaid, something else. Harry Dresden visits it to collect information, and encounters there three LaChaise clan ghouls.[42]

Tully's bar[]

In Fool Moon, Tully's Bar is the place where the Streetwolves hang out, when Harry Dresden pays a visit.[61]



Unalaska, Alaska

In "Cold Case", Molly Carpenter pays Unalaska a visit as the new Winter Lady to collect long overdue tribute from the Miksani, who owe the Winter Court allegiance. Aided by Carlos Ramirez, she deals with the Holy Ascension of Our Lord order who has been gathering children for a sacrifice.[18]

United Center[]


United Center

In "Last Call", the United Center hosts a Chicago Bulls game, which Meditrina Bassarid plans to disrupt by distributing tainted beer from McAnally's Pub.[30]

University of Oklahoma[]


University of Oklahoma campus as seen from Sarkeys Energy Center

In Bigfoot on Campus, Irwin Pounder attends University of Oklahoma, getting involved with Connie Barrowill, a newly awakened White Court vampire. Her first attempt to feed on him results in the destruction of the dorm in which they share sex.[3]


In Storm Front, the Varsity was a club located in a strip mall. Owned by Marcone and was crowded mainly by college-aged people. It was set on fire and burned during during the final fight. Reportedly, Marcone collected its insurance.[62]

Wacker Drive[]


Wacker Drive south of the Chicago River

In Dead Beat, Wacker Drive witnesses Kumori bring a gunshot victim back to life.[63]

Washington Park[]


Washington Park

In Fool Moon, Washington Park is where an old woman murdered in the Park, and her killing is included to the Lobo killings.[51]

Whatsup Dock[]

In Skin Game, Whatsup Dock is a somewhat jocularly named dock Harry Dresden and Thomas Raith built on the beach nearest to the reef entrance of Demonreach's small harbor.[64]

Wicker Park[]

Wicker Park

Wicker Park

In Grave Peril, Harry Dresden uses Wicker Park as a reference point to locate the church of St. Mary of the Angels.[65]

Wolf's people grove[]

In "Dog Men", this grove is the heart of the Wolf people's territory.[42]

Wolf Lake Park[]

Pavilion Wolf Lake Park

Pavilion at Wolf Lake Park

In Fool Moon, Tera West drives Harry Dresden to Wolf Lake Park to meet Harley MacFinn.[66] They later meet again, when West leaves Chicago for the great mountains of the Northwest.[67]

Woodfield Mall[]

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10353093 861115207277954 3901870883738079421 n

Internal view of the mall

In "It's My Birthday, Too", Woodfield Mall is where Thomas Raith indicates he is as his brother and Molly Carpenter try to give him a birthday present.[57]

Wrigleyville brothel[]

In "Monsters", this brothel is located in a non-descript home three blocks away from the Carpenter's house. Operated by a Los Angeles-based concern with ties to John Marcone's empire, it hosts six Spanish-speaking preteens of both sexes available to pedophilic guests at all hours; four guards keep them under control. According to Goodman Grey, one of the aims of the Los Angeles cartel is probably to gain leverage by exposing Marcone's people with tastes in children. Its security features are at least partly commercial.[22]



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