Dresden Files

Mike Atagi, more commonly known as Mike, or Mike the Mechanic, is a human male and Harry Dresden's mechanic throughout the series. He is first mentioned in Storm Front.


Mike is a super mechanic. He never asked questions about the burns that slagged a hole in the front hatch or the claw marks that ruined both doors. You can’t pay for service like that.— Dresden[1]

Mike is a lean man with shaggy gray hair, a black beard, and has looked like he has been in his mid-fifties by thirty and just stayed that way. He is the proprietor of Mad Mike's Motorcycle and Volkswagen Repair in Chicago and once claimed he could "build a Bug from raw steel if I had to".[2]

Harry Dresden describes him as a miracle worker, keeping the Blue Beetle running "eight or nine days in ten",[3] and never asking questions.[4] Mike seems to actively ignore the magical world, preferring a rational explanation to the Beetle's damage to the truthful answer.

In the series[]

Storm Front[]

In Storm Front, Mike is mentioned as the mechanic responsible for repairing the damages inflicted upon Harry Dresden's Blue Beetle.[1] When the car breaks down outside Bianca St. Claire's mansion, Dresden has the guard get in touch with Mike's preferred wrecker.[5]

Fool Moon[]

In Fool Moon, Harry Dresden states that he drives a VW bug because Mike declared it as the easiest car in the world to repair.[3] Dresden uses a pair of coveralls with the name "Mike" on it that he'd left in the trunk of the Blue Beetle as a disguise for sneaking into the police station.[6]


In "Mike", Mike Atagi admits that he'd be able to build a Volkswagen Bug from raw steel if necessary, but he only offers to Dresden a choice of two out of three among "cheap, fast and good".[2]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, after flattening Vincent Graver's tires, Dresden gets Mike to come out with his compressor to fill Vince's tires for him.[7]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Mike works on Dresden's current vehicle, dubbed the Munstermobile. Mike delivers it to Molly Carpenter's apartment where Etri, a Svartalf, had it security screened.[4]


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