Michael Joseph Patrick Carpenter[1] is a human male. He is the wielder of Amoracchius. He first appears in Grave Peril.


Michael Carpenter is approximately fifty years of age, with grey eyes, and greying dark brown hair.[2] A carpenter and contractor by trade, Michael Carpenter was a Knight of the Cross and wielder of Amoracchius. He is married to Charity Carpenter and is the father of Molly Carpenter and several other children. He is a descendant of Charlemagne, according to Molly's research into her family tree at Dresden's behest.[3] He works in close association with Father Forthill at Saint Mary of the Angels. After the events of Changes, he is raising Dresden's daughter, Maggie.[4]

In the seriesEdit

Michael Carpenter repeatedly helps Harry Dresden from dealing with Agatha Hagglethorn and the Nightmare,[5] to rescuing the Archive on Demonreach, where he is gravely wounded.[3] He is forced to give up Amoracchius.(reference needed)


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