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The Mendoza family is the family that fostered Margaret Angelica Dresden. They are mentioned in Changes.


They lived in Guatemala[Footnote 1][1] and were the foster family of Margaret Angelica Dresden, the daughter of Susan Rodriguez and Harry Dresden. They had three children, two about Maggie's age and one around three. Susan loved them like her own family.[2]

Martin knew of them and saw them every time Susan Rodriguez visited.[3]

In the series[]


The Mendozas were slaughtered by Arianna Ortega of the Red Court when they came to claim Maggie. Martin tells how he and Susan Rodriguez had to put them all back together like a jigsaw puzzle. It was the only way they could know if Maggie was gone. Rodriguez did this as her heart was breaking for the family she loved and all the while her blood thirst raged. It was a horrid kind of torture for her.[2]

At Chichén Itzá, in the Temple of Kukulkan, Martin admitted that he betrayed the Mendozas to Arianna Ortega and the vampires who slaughtered them.[3]



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