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Medea's[Footnote 1] bodkin[Footnote 2] is the dagger that got used at the Stone Table of Faerie. It first appears in Changes.


It is a very ancient knife with a simple leaf-blade design with a wooden handle wrapped with cord and leather. Its double edge blade was made of bronze and wickedly sharp, shiny, with a needle point. The point seems hungry.[1]

It was used to send the power of the Winter Knight's Mantle back to Queen Mab so that she could pass it on to the new Winter Knight.[1]

In the series[]


In Changes, Medea's bodkin is in possession of Mab, and was used by Harry Dresden to execute Lloyd Slate upon the Stone Table as part of the ritual to assume the mantle of the Winter Knight.[1] Mab may have disposed of the influence of the athame by trading for this item.(reference needed)

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Harry Dresden recalls Medea's bronze dagger that he used on Lloyd Slate.[2]



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