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Martha Liberty, sometimes addressed to as Matty,[1] is an African-American witch, and a member of the Senior Council. She first appears in Summer Knight.


Martha Liberty is described as being extremely tall, more than six feet with grey hair that coiled in a bun near her neck, her eyebrows were still dark. She had on a purple-gem necklace and wore the dark robes with a purple stole of the Senior Council. She carries a staff of some dark reddish wood. Her voice is a rich alto. She appears to have stern exterior yet has wise insight.[1]

Martha Liberty lives with one of her multiple-great-granddaughters and her children,[2] as she is still close with members of an extended clan she is the founding matriarch of, in New Orleans.[3] When talking to Ebenezar McCoy, she hinted that Harry Dresden is "meant to be" something that she did not need to elaborate since McCoy knew.[1]


She specializes in Thaumaturgy, specifically information-gathering. As a result, she’s got legions of contacts in the Nevernever and the mortal world alike.[4] The spirits she communicates with take the form of poppets, sort of magical dolls.[5]

In the series[]

Summer Knight[]

In Summer Knight, Martha Liberty and Joseph Listens-to-Wind were hidden under a veil eavesdropping on Ebenezar McCoy and Harry Dresden talking before the Council conclave. What they heard was Dresden saying that he had no intentions of sucking up to the Council, Senior or otherwise to lobby their vote and would not offer favors or sell his vote to some bloc. It seemed that McCoy was pushing Dresden to say that for her and Joe's benefit. Once unveiled, Martha seemed to be against Dresden initially, citing him as having no respect for the Council and as being "arrogant" and "dangerous". But, then she moves closer to Dresden and says that "he has his mother's eyes". Then she waves a hand through the air on both sides of Dresden's in a gesture similar to smoothing someone's hair and says that he's hurt and in great pain—she wasn't talking about his injured hand. Then, Martha says she'll support McCoy, and therefore Dresden, with her vote.[1]

Martha broke the news to McCoy that Simon Pietrovich was killed less than two days earlier along with the entire compound at Archangel in an attack by the Red Court. They managed to kill about a dozen Red Court nobles before they all perished.[1] During the conclave, Martha called for general debate when the Arthur Langtry tried to railroad one of his cronies onto the Senior Council in Pietrovich's seat sans discussion so that he could control the vote.[6]

When Aleron LaFortier tried to put the matter of stripping Dresden of his Wizard status, Martha voted with McCoy and Listens-to-Wind to keep the vote with the Senior council—this protected Dresden from the fears being sired up against him because of The War.[7]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat,

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Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks,

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Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground,

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