Dresden Files

Marion Murphy is Karrin Murphy's mother. She first appears in Blood Rites.


What looked like a small army had invaded a portion of Wolf Lake Park and claimed it in the name of God and Clan Murphy.Harry Dresden[1]

Marion Murphy is taller than her daughter Karrin, plump, and has dark blonde hair threaded through with grey.


Murphy married Collin Murphy and had several children with him: their oldest is Karrin, and their youngest, Lisa. There are at least two sons in between.[1]

In the series[]

Blood Rites[]

In Blood Rites, Marion Murphy is present at the Murphy family reunion. She meets Harry Dresden and thanks him for breaking up the impending fight between Karrin, Lisa, and her new husband Rich, who was Karrin's second ex-husband. After Lisa and Rich leave, Marion talks with Karrin about how she was more lenient with Lisa than Karrin during their childhoods, struggling to contain Karrin's outbursts of profanity the whole time, until eventually telling Karrin that Lisa and Rich will be moving to Chicago. Karrin steps aside to take a phone call with Jared Kincaid, and Marion talks with Dresden about how Collin worked on the Black Cat Investigations, implying that she knows about the supernatural but pretends not to so that Karrin can feel good about protecting her mother from it. Dresden and Karrin then briefly argue, and Marion sends them off with hamburgers and cake.[1]


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