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The malocchio or Evil Eye,[Footnote 1] is an Italian verson of an entropy curse. It's first mentioned in Blood Rites.


The malocchio is a technique involving a vicious set of curses by a strega, a practitioner of Italian folk magic.[1]

In the series[]

Blood Rites[]

Someone is targeting the women around Arturo Genosa using an entropy curse or a malocchio. Arturo hired Harry Dresden to protect his employees and to stop the curse and those sending it.[1]

In Blood Rites, the three ex-wives of Arturo Genosa use ritual magic to kill off the future Mrs. Genosa by targeting all the women around Arturo, one by one, since they have no idea who it is. Lord Raith is behind it all, pulling their strings.[2]

Lord Raith plans one more ritual wich will involves sacrificing his son, Thomas Raith to kill Harry Dresden. By killing both of Margaret LeFay's sons with the curse, he hopes to end her death curse that is weakening him.[3]



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