Dresden Files
Order of the Blackened Denarius

Magog is a Fallen Angel and a member of the Order of the Blackened Denarius. He first appears in Small Favor.


In Small Favor, his demonic form manifested as an ape-like creature. Magog is considered to be physically the most powerful of the Denarians.[1]

Harry Dresden describes him as a big leathery gorilla with goat's horns and heavy claws.[2] He weighs about seven- or eight-hundred pounds.[3] The ground shakes with the forces of his battle roar.[3]

His coin was claimed by Dresden after Eldest Gruff killed him.[4] Dresden left it along with Fidelacchius in the Water Beetle temporarily in Thomas's care while he went to the Hospital to check on Michael.[5]


For at least five years, his host was Sanya. Sixteen-year-old Sanya had been offered the coin by the Denarian Rosanna, who was later his handler, and in charge of corrupting him. After realizing their true intentions, Sanya abandoned Magog, dropping his coin into a Venice canal.[6]

In the series[]

Small Favor[]

At the Shedd Aquarium, Magog rushes Harry Dresden in a diagonal simian charge with powerful acceleration. He hit Dresden's shield with such force Dresden pushed out most of the massive amount of stored up magic-energy he had been holding back. Magog bounced off it, stunned. Tessa sends him after Jared Kincaid with Rosanna and Deirdre Archleone.[3] When the Denarians surround Ivy, she entraps Magog in a kind of magic bubble snare.[7]

On Demonreach, when Dresden and the Knights of the Cross were charging the Denarians, Magog comes barreling toward Dresden. Dresden swings his staff like a golfclub, and uses the Denarian's own velocity to hurl him over their heads.[8]

Magog is slain by Eldest Gruff at Demonreach when he refused to get out of the Gruff's way in his pursuit of Dresden, and attacked him instead.[4]


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