Madge Shelly is a human porn actress, with the stage name Elizabeth Guns‎. She first appears in Blood Rites.


Madge Shelly is one of Arturo Genosa's three ex-wives. Shelly is also one of the Strega that Arturo hires Harry Dresden to stop sending the entropy curse killing off people on Genosa's film set.[1]

Dresden describes her as a pretty woman around her mid-forties. She's about five-foot six, with dark brown hair held up by a couple of chopsticks and the curves of a WWII pin-up girl.[1] She is also decribed as a disciplined businesswoman.[2]

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Blood RitesEdit

She was the first wife of Arturo Genosa, but they divorced.[1]

Harry Dresden first meets Shelly at a soiree in her apartment for Arturo's film crew. She invested in the current film and claims that she's keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't throw the money away.[3][1]

Shelly sacrificed Lucille Delarossa (Arturo's ex-wife number two) for the entropy curse that killed Emma.[4]

Shelly performs a ritual in Lord Raith's cave, and under his leadership, intending to sacrifice Thomas Raith to kill Dresden. It's Raith's intention to rid himself of Margaret LeFay's death curse by killing both of her sons in the ritual that Shelly is performing.[4]

The ritual Shelly used calls up He Who Walks Behind, and when he gains form, he kills her.[5]


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