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Lydia Stern is a human female, and a reporter for the Midwestern Arcane. She first appeared in the novel Proven Guilty.


Harry Dresden described her as having "scathing intellect and penetrating wit" and she is "unafraid to challenge anyone". Stern is described as just over five feet tall, pleasantly plump, and of Asian ancestry. She wears thick glasses and has curly black hair.[1]


She is a reporter for Midwestern Arcane, having taken over Susan Rodriguez's position. Rather than merely discussing supernatural events, she investigates these strange events and demands to know why the authorities do nothing about the supernatural.[1]

In the series[]

Proven Guilty[]

In Proven Guilty, Harry Dresden asks Stern for a favor, to stand outside a door and just be herself, in exchange for a ten-minute interview on the case. On the other side of that door is Detective Greene illegally interrogating Molly Carpenter, a minor without parental consent. Lydia Stern obligingly and happily acts as Dresden's guard dog, incidentally helping to get Molly out from under Greene's grilling and getting an additional story on the detective in the bargain.[1]


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