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The lupine, or wolven theriomorphs, are several kinds of therianthropic shape-shifters between human and wolf-like form.


There are four kinds of lupine theriomorphs:

They are distinct from each other, differing on the means of archieving the transformation, and how much of the person's self and humanity remains intact.[1]

All of them are also often referred to as werewolves, although that term is properly used for only the "classic werewolf".

In the series[]

Fool Moon[]

In Fool Moon, the concept of lupine theriomorphs is first introduced by Bob. Drawing on knowledge from Medieval France, which according to him was "werewolf central", he explains that theriomorphs in general is "anything that shape-shifts from a human being into an animal form", and so "lupine" theriomorphs specifically are theriomorphs that change in some fashion to be more wolf-like. They range from classical werewolves, who change their physical appearance and no more, having no innately wolf-like mental capacities at all, to lycanthropes, who do not alter "a single cell of their bodies" yet channel wolfish aggression mentally.[1][2]

The first kind of lupine theriomorph Dresden encountered was the former group, a band of young classical werewolves lead by a woman named Tera West and Billy Borden, calling themselves the Alphas. They quickly retreated from Dresden when he discovered their hideout and did not play an immediate role in the goings on until later.[3]

Next to be encountered was a band of lycanthropes calling themselves the Streetwolves. Dresden stumbled upon their lair at the Full Moon Garage while searching for clues regarding the Lobo killings. They turned out not to be involved, but after having their territory challenged they sought Dresden's death, complicating his investigation.[2]

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