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Lucille Delarossa is a porn actress, with the stage name Raven Velvet‎‎. She first appears in Blood Rites.


She was the second wife of Arturo Genosa, but they divorced. When Harry Dresden first takes the case, Genosa insist that Lucille couldn't possible be involved with the murders. He believes that because he didn't marry her for her mind. Dresden responds that you don't have to be smart to be hostile.[1]

In the series[]

Blood Rites[]

Lucille Delarossa is part of Arturo Genosa's ex-wives club that joined to get rid of the potential fourth wife. They were really puppets for Lord Raith who's intent was get Genosa back in line and under the thumb of his Silverlight Studios.[2]

Lucille was sacrificed by Madge Shelly for the Entropy ritual curse aimed at Emma, killing her.[3]

Lord Raith reveals that Lucille is the one who shot the poison dart at Harry Dresden.[4] He says she was too eager and melodramatic and had the bad taste to try and murder his daughter, Inari Raith, with the curse she was guiding the night before. That is why he chose to sacrifice her for the curse against Emma.[3]


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