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The Lobo killings, or Lobo murders, are a series of killings that happened on the three days around the full moon. The killings began a month before the start of Fool Moon.[1]


The first killings, a pair of gang bangers, were torn to pieces at Rainbow Beach. It appeared to be a wild animal attack, but Special Investigations was called in. The next night, a little old lady was killed in the same manner after walking past Washington Park. The next night, three bums in Burnham Park were brutally slaughtered. A month later, on the full moon, a man was killed outside a liquor store. The next night, a business man named James Douglas Harding III and his driver were killed in a parking garage. The killings stopped after the full moon ended. A new cycle began when Spike was murdered at the Varsity. He's the second victim to have a connection to Marcone, along with Harding.[1]

In the series[]

Fool Moon[]

In Fool Moon, Karrin Murphy calls in the FBI because they had access to resources that she doesn't. Roger Harris turns up irregularities in the bite marks; he states that they don't match those of real wolves. Believing the victims are attacked by some kind of cult using weapons edged with wolf teeth, the FBI takes over the investigation which calls the Lobo killings because of the wolf connection.[1]

Murphy attempts to contact Dresden to get his take on the case but he is out of town because "somebody saw something in a lake."[1]

In the course of his investigation, Dresden discovers that the FBI agents are hexenwolves and that they are behind the murders, using them as obfuscation in their planned attack of John Marcone. They begin murdering peripherals to cover their tracks, framing the Streetwolves to take the blame for the mortal authorities, and Harley MacFinn to take the fall for the White Council.[2]

Dresden manages to foil the attempt on Marcone and destroys the wolf belts used in the transformation.[3]


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