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Listen or "Captain Turtleneck" is a Fomor servitor and is a messenger of Lord Omogh of the Fomor. The Fomor often charge him with important and sensitive missions. He first appears in Ghost Story.


Listen is sent as a messenger to the Grey Ghost, who he addresses as "Lady Shade", from Lord Omogh.[1] He was also the leader of the gang of Fomor servitors that attacked Molly Carpenter.[2]

Like all servitors, he wears a black turtleneck. His eyes have changed from a clear grey during the combat with Molly Carpenter to a deep purple like a "bruised corpse" during the visit with the Grey Ghost. In Bombshells he is described as a pale skinned, fit man of middle height with dark, intelligent eyes and a military short haircut.[1][3]

Listen is able to remain cool and observant in the midst of combat. He figured out Molly's illusions and was smart enough to wait out Harry Dresden's fire spell until it wore out.[2] When dealing with the Grey Ghost, Listen could disarm her by displaying his humility and loyalty to his Lord.[1] He has the protection of the Fomor Empress, as the Fomor Lord in "Bombshells" points out (when discussing Listen) that he would not be so stupid as to kill a "special pet of the Empress" even in an "accident".[3]

His weaponry include "seashell bombs": tiny nuclear-like blasts,[2] in addition to a gun and what appears to be a wakizashi[Footnote 1] or a ninja-to.[Footnote 2][1]

In the series[]

Ghost Story[]

In Ghost Story, he led a group that attacked Molly Carpenter as part of the Leanansidhe's test of her new combat skills.[2]

Listen is the emissary sent by to check on the Grey Ghost's progress in acquiring a body. Lady Shade sent a message back through him that she is confident she will acquire the body and be ready to move against the Ragged Lady and her allies and to enter the fortress the next evening. It was observing this interchange that Harry Dresden realized that he was really dealing with Corpsetaker.[1]


In Bombshells, he heads a group of Fomor servitors backing up the Fomor ambassador charged with negotiating the treaty with the Svartalves.[3]

Peace Talks[]

In Peace Talks, Listen accompanied King Corb and Ethniu to the peace summit, directing his fellow Fomor servitors to kill every mortal present at King Corb's command.[4]

Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground, Listen begins the battle with his fellow servitors by taking up sniper positions to eliminate anyone with radios, trying to kill communications.[5] At some point during this time, he leads an assault on the Carpenter home, killing everyone there, although they were simply illusions from the Winter Lady. Ethniu later believed that Listen was actually aware of this, and pretended to be deceived so that he could betray Ethniu at a critical moment.[6]

As the battle begins in earnest, before anyone was aware of his treachery, Listen continues supplying reconnaissance aid to the Fomor, even advising against Corb's charge that eliminated a fifth of his legion. After Ethniu restrained Corb from killing Listen, he lays out a tactical analysis of the defenders of Chicago, spotting Mab's trap and advising Ethniu to destroy their earthworks and proceed forward. He even detects Grimalkin spying on him, and sends soldiers after the Malk before being assigned to oversee the assault on the earthworks. During the same conversation, he implies that he is hard to replace in Ethniu's plan because he is Starborn.[7]

Later in the battle, Harry Dresden comes face to face with Listen. Listen manages to shoot Dresden, but in return Dresden drops 18-20 tons of earth on top of him and his fellow servitors.[8]



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