Linda Randall is a human female. She appears in Storm Front.


She has eyes "the color of rain clouds", cupid-bow lips, medium brown hair in a braid, severe cheeks. She has a sharp predatory look. Randall smokes cigarettes.[1]

She works as a driver/chauffeur for Greg and Helen Beckitt.[2]

Linda Randall previously worked as a prostitute for the Velvet Room owned by Bianca St. Claire. She and Jennifer Stanton often went out on assignments together.[2] The two were also close friends and lovers as well as roommates for a while. They sometimes shared Tommy Tomm in bed.[1]

In the seriesEdit

Storm FrontEdit

In Storm Front, Harry Dresden gets her name from Bianca St. Claire. She puts him off, but he tracks her down at the airport where she is waiting to pick-up the Beckitts. She briefly talks with him about Jennifer Stanton and Tommy Tomm, partly flirting with him while answering his questions.[1]

She is later killed. Her heart was blown out like Jennifer Stanton's and Tommy Tomm's. At the time she was twenty-nine years old.[3]


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