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Lacuna, or Captain Hook, is a Faerie, a pixie or Wee Folk, in the service of Ace. She first appears in Cold Days.


If Molly has a turkey baster, maybe you can waterboard him.Karrin Murphy, referring to Lacuna[1]

Like Toot-Toot, Hook leads a group of Wee Folk with orange lights—what Harry Dresden calls piranha pixies.

Unlike the Za-Lord's Guard, she has a thirst for battle. She also despises pizza and prefers to eat healthier food like celery such as is provided by Molly Carpenter. Lacuna claims that Ace owes her for services rendered and that he does not like Dresden.[2]

Captain Hook is almost as tall as Toot-Toot. Dressed all in black with and covered in a fish hook armor, Dresden first nicknames the fairy "Captain Hook". Lacuna carries an actual sword, of which Toot-Toot seems to be quite jealous.[3]

Without her helmet, Lacuna is gorgeous, with long and lean features; she has black hair in a foot-long braid, huge black eyes, paper-white skin with deep purple tattoos that shift, fade and reappear. Lacuna is an elegant, dangerous beauty.[2]

In the series[]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, Lacuna's group attack Harry Dresden and nearly defeat him using nails until they are frightened away by an illusion of cats cast by Molly Carpenter.[3] Dresden captures her when the hooks on her armor get caught on his jacket,[1] and taken prisoner; she invokes Winter Law making her effectively Dresden's vassal; she is however not cooperative when Dresden interrogates her. Smitten Toot-Toot offers Lacuna a watermelon candy, which she refuses with a punch to his face.[2]

Skin Game[]

In Skin Game, Harry Dresden mentions sending out Lacuna and Toot-toot with messages for Mab and Molly Carpenter.[4]

Battle Ground[]

In Battle Ground, Lacuna appears behind Redcap, holding her lance on the back of his neck as she explains she will one day end Toot-Toot' miserable life. Harry Dresden calls for their help with him Chicago city Ethniu and King Corb's army, claiming that all the pizzas are in danger. After Toot-Toot calls the Za-Lord's Guard, Lacuna joins him leading the army of Little Folk to battle[5].


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