Dresden Files
The Alphas

Kirby was one of the Alphas. He first appears in Dead Beat.


In Fool Moon, Kirby's first mention is only as a "lanky, dark-haired boy" as he exited the van outside Marcone's estate.[1]

In Dead Beat, Harry Dresden describes Kirby as a young man with untidy black hair. His arms and legs are a few sizes to big for his body. He is wearing sweats, tee and boat shoes: the standard, easy-to-get-out-of werewolf garb for troubled times.[2]

In Turn Coat, he's still lanky, dark-haired, but now he's a man.[3]


Kirby's family lives in Texas.[4] He was an only child.[5] His girlfriend was Andi Macklin.[6]

In the series[]

Dead Beat[]

In Dead Beat, Billy has Kirby on look-out when Harry Dresden pulls up with Waldo Butters driving the SUV he borrowed from Georgia. Dresden has Kirby park it for him since he keeps running into things.[7]

"Something Borrowed"[]

In "Something Borrowed", Kirby was supposed to be Billy Borden's best man at his wedding to Georgia, but had to stay away due to injuries sustained in a fight the evening before. On the way from the bachelor party to Billy's place, the group of friends had come across a ghoul terrorizing an old woman in a parking lot, prompting them into a fight, which was made more difficult because they were drunk, resulting in various injuries. Kirby was slammed into a brick wall and broke both his legs and cracked a vertebra, putting him in hospital. Harry Dresden was his replacement.[4]

"Day Off"[]

In "Harry Dresden's Day Off", he was infected by fleas from Nevernever and became incredibly hostile to Dresden until they were removed.[8]

Turn Coat[]

In Turn Coat, Kirby was killed by the skinwalker Shagnasty, who tore his throat out while he was in human form. His girlfriend Andi Macklin, was injured in the same attack, and wound up in hospital. Harry Dresden fears she'll be devastated when she wakes up.[6] Billy talks to his parents, and they were especially devastated because he was an only child.[5]


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