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Kinder- und Hausmärchen (translated as Children's and Household Tales, or more commonly Grimm's Fairy Tales) is a collection of fairy tales compiled by the Brothers Grimm.


First published in 1812, initially in two volumes, later in three, it collates the fairy tales as told in the folklore availabe to the Brothers Grimm. Numerous editions have appeared since then, and the collection has been praised as one of the founding works of Western culture. It has been subject to criticism as being too scholarly in tone and grisly in subject matter for children.[Footnote 1]

In the series[]

Cold Days[]

In Cold Days, a copy of the German first printing is present in Arctis Tor, made in the finest quality paper, thin, crisp and edged in gold foil. Autographed and inscribed "For Mab". Unable to read German, Harry Dresden finds, however, that the pictures were better and more grounded in reality than the ones in celebrity magazines.[1]

According to Sarissa, rumor has it that Mab made sure that the stories contained in the book were put to print; Dresden thinks this is to make sure the Sidhe would not be forgotten, and their influence in the mortal word would not disappear. Dresden also suspects that Mab greased Walt Disney[Footnote 2] for the same reason.[1]



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