Dresden Files

Kelpies are a kind of aquatic faerie, allied with the Summer Court. They first appear in Small Favor.


Kelpies are vaguely humanoid, slimy and nebulous, and made up of masses of wet weeds. They have gaping mouths and pinpoints of glittering silver light for eyes, while their limbs are "long, brown, fibrous, and slimy" strands, much like seaweed and other plant matter that they coat themselves with.[1]

In the series[]

Small Favor[]

In Small Favor, they emerge from the waters of Lake Michigan to assault Harry Dresden, Michael Carpenter, Sanya, and Rosanna while they are waiting for a signal from Demonreach island on a ski boat. Preceded by a warm, southerly wind, their plant-like limbs rise from the depths and wrap around Sanya until they could be severed by Amoracchius, at which point they swarm the boat. Dresden launches them away with a blast of force, which enables the boat's engine they had stalled to finally start. Dresden is nearly pulled off the boat as it begins to move away, until Sanya slices the last of them away with Esperacchius, accidentally wounding Dresden in the process.[1]

Once everyone reaches Demonreach island, Kelpies can be heard in the distance as a "gurgling, warbling cry," but they are not seen again.[1]


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