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Red Court

Kelly Hamilton is a Red Court vampire working for Bianca St. Claire. She first appears in Grave Peril


Kelly is not very tall, slight build, crystal-blue eyes, flawless blond hair and wore tennis whites—looking just like her brother, Kyle Hamilton.[1]


In the series[]

Grave Peril[]

In Grave Peril, Kelly and her brother Kyle arrive to Harry Dresden's apartment bearing an invitation to Bianca St. Claire's ball. She is not as polite as her brother, making gestures like she's hungry and wants to consume Susan Rodriguez's and Harry Dresden's blood.[1]

Later, Kyle and Kelly use Lydia to trap Dresden, who fights Kyle. When Kelly charges, Dresden blasts her, missing and setting the wall. Kelly straddles Dresden knocking his blasting rod away. Drops of her spittle fall onto his neck and cheek and into his mouth. A glorious sensation followed and he forgot about fighting her off. The wall collapses, allowing sunlight to burn Kelly's face and forcing her off Dresden. Kyle and Kelly leave after he threatens Dresden with retribution.[2]

Touching Michael Carpenter, a Knight of the Cross at Bianca St. Claire's ball, she gets burned.[3]

In Bianca's mansion, she and her brother attack Harry Dresden after the latter regains his power from the Nightmare, who he subsequently kills with a cocoon of fire.[4]


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