Dresden Files

Journal is a vignette in the form of a journal entry/letter by Donald Morgan. It is set at the time of Turn Coat. It was originally published on Jim Butcher's website on February 4th, 2020 as the second installment of "Dresden Drops", a series of released content throughout 2020 celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of Storm Front.[1]



Donald Morgan and Harry Dresden by Tyler Walpole

In a melancholic diary entry, intended to be read by Anastasia Luccio, among others, a dying Donald Morgan remembers some of the high points of his relationships with Harry Dresden.

He was assigned to protection on Malcolm and Harry Dresden, but he was elsewhere when Malcolm Dresden died, in Morgan's opinion murdered, and young Harry had been made disappear in the foster care system, Justin DuMorne having caught him on time; the boy, however, had the Blackstaff keeping an eye over him, and even Morgan has to admit that Dresden's relationship with the Nemesis-influenced Senior Council is antagonistic rather than collaborative.