John Stallings is a human male, member of the Chicago Police Department. He first appears in Grave Peril.


John Stallings is Karrin Murphy's second partner in Special Investigations, after her first, Ron Carmichael, was killed by a loup-garou.(reference needed)

He became head of S.I. after Karrin Murphy's demotion. He is somewhat skeptical about the supernatural in Grave Peril, he appears more open to it in Proven Guilty.(reference needed)

In the seriesEdit

Grave PerilEdit

In Grave Peril, he is described as having a bad haircut and intelligent dark eyes.(reference needed)

Proven GuiltyEdit

In Proven Guilty,

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In Aftermath, he manages to get Karrin Murphy, who's suspended from the force, from the crime scene at the Water Beetle. Though she hopes that Harry Dresden is still alive, they both know the chances are slight.[1]