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John Marcone's estate is the home and personal property of John Marcone. It first appears in Fool Moon.


It's surrounded by a nine-foot wall with security cameras.[1] The area inside the walls is wooded with thick sycamores, poplars and evergreens. The grounds are magnificent, like out of a magazine and the size of a small golf course. A huge white house stands with a veranda as large as a dance floor. Behind the house there is a series of finely-lit gardens that terrace down a sloping hill toward a vale containing a swimming pool that looked like a pond. There are two hillocks at the left side of the vale, one bearing a small ruined shrine replica as decoration. There is lighting at intervals and trees dotting the grounds. Near the center of the vale there is a ring of thick evergreens that conceal something at their center. The whole place is bathed in silver moonlight.[2]

In the series[]

Fool Moon[]

In Fool MoonHarry Dresden gives Agent Roger Harris a message to give to Phillip Denton: to meet him at Marcone's estate at moonrise. That he knows Denton plans to be there when MacFinn shows up (in Loup-garou form).[3]

In an attempt to stop the killings, Dresden gathers all the interested parties at Marcone's for one big showdown.[4]


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