Dresden Files

Jennifer Stanton was a human female appearing in Storm Front.


Stanton worked as a prostitute for the Velvet Room owned by Bianca St. Claire.[1] She was a close friend and lover with Linda Randall,[2] and both often went out on assignments together;[3] they also were roommates for a while. She and Linda sometimes shared Tommy Tomm.[4]

Jennifer Stanton's parents live in St. Louis. Her older sister was Monica Sells. She was in her twenties in great condition, with chestnut colored hair in a pageboy style, probably dyed. She had green eyes, the same as her mother, sister, and niece.[5]

In the series[]

Storm Front[]


The two dead lovers.

In Storm Front, Lieutenant Karrin Murphy calls Harry Dresden in on the case after Jennifer Stanton is found murdered in bed with Tommy Tomm, both of their hearts having exploded out of their chests.[1]

After her sister Monica Sells told her about wanting to leave her husband Victor Sells, Stanton confronted Sells and threatened him to let her sister leave, or she would tell the police and John Marcone.[5]

Stanton was killed by Victor Sells while on the job with Tommy Tomm.[5]


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