Dresden Files

Irwin Pounder is a male scion, the son of Strength of a River in His Shoulders and Dr. Helena Pounder. He first appears in "B is for Bigfoot".


Irwin is very intelligent, big, strong, and at fourteen he was already endowed with life force like that of an adult wizard strong as Harry Dresden. When in college, his power has grown so much that Dresden equates his magical force to that of Ebenezar McCoy, one of the strongest members of the Senior Council, when he gathers his will for a big spell. He is therefore capable to engage in a steady ongoing sexual relationship with Connie, a newly awakened White Court vampire, without being harmed by it. Irwin inherited his magical ability from his father. He also inherited a reserved and kindly nature from him.[1]

Dresden has been looking in on him from the time he was in grade school, on behalf of his father, who due to traditions of his people had a hard time seeing his son.[1][2][3]

In the series[]

"B is for Bigfoot"[]

In "B is for Bigfoot", he is the target for the bullying behavior of the Bully Brothers, accepting it, until the moment he had too much, and stops them.[1]

"I Was a Teenage Bigfoot"[]

In "I Was a Teenage Bigfoot", while at Saint Mark's Academy for the Gifted and Talented, Irwin is sick with mononucleosis; a black magic-powered spell operated by Dr. Fabio drains him of his life force, making him vulnerable to sickness.[2]

"Bigfoot on Campus"[]

In "Bigfoot on Campus", he falls in love with unawakened White Court vampire Connie Barrowill. When Charles Barrowill attempts to wake her Hunger by having her feeding on and killing Irwin, Harry Dresden's and Strength of a River in His Shoulders's intervention thwarts him.[3]

"Job Placement"[]

In "Job Placement", Connie Barrowill informs him that she has been hired as gym teacher at St. Mark's Academy for the Gifted and Talented, and that he will be hired as english teacher, with the possibility to finish his Ph.D.. Pounder proposes and she accepts.[4]