Dresden Files

The Ik'k'uox, also called the Ick, is a large creature of unknown origin. It first appears in Changes.


The Ik'k'uox is the size of a bull, and stinks. It can move on two or four legs equally. Its flesh is spongy black like the true skin of a Red Court vampire. Its features are a mix of human, jaguar, crocodile and wild boar, and is completely black, even its eyes. Its shoulders are malformed and its neck thick, almost intangible, with a heartbeat like a big drum. It makes no sound when injured.[1]

In the series[]


In Changes, the Ik'k'uox is sent by the Eebs to Rudolph's house to kill off a loose end. Harry Dresden is there to gather information from whoever showed up to get Rudolph, and ends up fighting it with help from Thomas Raith, Mouse, and Molly Carpenter.[2]

Later, the Eebs bring it and a team of vampires to attack the Chicago FBI building, aiming to kill Dresden, Susan Rodriguez, and Rudolph,[3] winding up in the Erlking's hall. The Erlking decrees a trial by combat between the Ik'k'uox and Dresden, which Dresden wins.[4]

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