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White Court

House Raith is one of the White Court houses, and is considered the most powerful.


In the Raith household? Paranoia comes bottled, on tap and in hot and cold running neuroses.— Thomas Raith[1]

White Court vampires feed off emotional energies, and the favored energy of Raith vampires is sexual desire, although some, such as Madrigal Raith, have deviated from that line. Lord Raith[2] and Lara Raith[3] are its leaders.

The Hunger fuels their power, strength and near immortality—White Court vampires are born with it. The first feeding of a vampire is almost always lethal, Irwin Pounder being the only known exception. Panic and trauma can act like a trigger to set off the Hunger on a young that hasn't yet transformed.[4] The vampires of House Raith are similar to the folklore figures, the succubi and incubi.[5]

Kissing someone still touched by love or touching an object representative of true love such as a ring can leave the lips or skin of a White Court vampire burned and flaky.[4]

They use misdirection, seduction, and manipulation. Like all White Court houses, they prefer to use others as instruments to obtain their goals—in a procedure called Cat's Paw.[4]

They speak Ancient Etruscan.[6]


House Raith was led by Lord Raith, until Lara Raith enthralled him in Blood Rites.[7]

The children of the House grow up like any other human kid not knowing anything about what they are. Lord Raith does not allow anyone to tell them or they will be killed.[4]

There is a brief mention of at least five Raith women, presumably Lord Raith's daughters, were in attendace at the White Court conclave in which Harry Dresden and Carlos Ramirez challenged Madrigal Raith and Vittorio Malvora to a duel.[8]

Raith family tree[]

                          |                                                       |?          |?                              |
   Margaret LeFay === Lord Raith === various mothers                           ? male === ? female                            |
                   |              |                                                    |                                      |
                   |       --------------------------------                      -------------                                |
                   |       |      |       |       |       |                      |           |                                |
                Thomas    Lara   Inari  Elisa  Natalia  other children        Madrigal   Madeline                       Felicia Raith


Charles Barrowill has ties, thus far undisclosed, with House Raith - he was present in the Deeps when Carlos Ramirez and Harry Dresden challenged The Skavis and Vittorio Malvora.[9]

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