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A Hob

Hobs are faeries allied with the Winter Court. They first appear in Small Favor.


Hobs are described as being about five feet tall. They are "squat and thick, with rubbery-looking muscle."[1] They have a baboon-like physique, appearing to be both quadruped and biped, with "wicked-looking claws, long, ropy tails, and massive shoulders." Their faces are ape-like, with stretched black skin, shark-like teeth and, most notably, no eyes, though they do appear to be able to sense light and shadows, and see in the dark.[2]

Hobs are completely intolerant to light as well as to iron. Like most fae, iron causes hobs to be consumed with flame, and light will have the same effect. For this reason they summon myrk wherever they go, coating an area in darkness both to blind their prey and to protect themselves from light.[2]

Hobs are pack animals that are usually very violent. Hobs appear most frequently in large numbers, and overpower their prey and opponents that way. They seek out humans as their food, bringing them back to the dark tunnels in which they reside, most notably children, though they are known to take adults as well.[1]

Most "grunt" hobs will carry very basic weaponry, usually knives made of stone and clubs of various styles. "Higher ranking" hobs are seen to be carrying bronze weaponry and sporting leather armor.[2][1]

In the series[]

Small Favor[]

In Small Favor, Harry Dresden and Michael Carpenter encounter hobs en masse at Union Station,[Footnote 1] sent by Mab to waylay the Archive.[3] Due to their vulnerabilities, the sword Amoracchius is incredibly effective,[2][1] and eventually Dresden activates the sprinkler system of the station to create enough running water to dispel their myrk, causing them intense pain.[4] By creating an area of shadow around Tiny, several Hobs were drawn to the area whereupon Tiny began killing them in numbers, until he was bested by Dresden. In the light, Carpenter is able to kill off the last of the Hobs who assaulted the station.[1]



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